Gum Trav-ler Dental Brush 2.0mm x6

Gum Trav-ler Dental Brush 2.0mm x6

The Gum interdental brush is especially suitable for removing dental plaque in the areas between the teeth where the brush cannot normally clean. It is ideal for natural teeth, crowns, bridges, dental implants and orthodontic appliances.

Gum Trav-ler Dental Brush 2.0mm x6


The interdental brush Gum Trav-ler is especially suitable for cleaning the areas between teeth where normal brushes do not arrive.


Formulated with nylon bristles with antibacterial coating. The flexible head allows you to form 90º angles to access the most difficult access areas.
The ventilated cover can be reversed and functions as an extension of the cable.


The interdental spaces are perfectly clean. The compact format makes it easy to carry everywhere.

How to Use

Use the Gum Trav-ler brush after brushing your teeth. Do not force the entry into the interdental spaces, instead brushing with repeated upward and downward movements.


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