Compeed Herpes Patches

Compeed Herpes Patches

Compeed Herpes Patches are dressings that help in the treatment and healing of lip herpes.


Compeed Herpes Patches


Compeed Herpes Patches are invisible dressings that treats the herpes lesion. They help soothe, protect and heal the wound caused by herpes. Clinically tested for use at all stages of a fever blister outbreak, from its onset to full recovery. Absorbs the fluid from the fever blister and prevents it from drying out and forming a painful crust. Helps it to heal in a natural way.


Compeed Herpes Patches is ultra thin, transparent protects and prevents contact with the affected area, thus reducing the possibility of contamination. Formulated with Hydrocolloid-075 particles, which promotes the optimal healing environment, preventing the formation of milky crust for visibly faster healing.


Faster herpes healing.

Counsels for Use

Remove the Compeed Herpes Patches from the protective film and apply to the lesion. Wash hands before and after applying the dressing. It can be used 24 hours a day until healing of the lesion is achieved.

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