Bio-Oil Gel for Dry Skin 50ml

Bio-Oil Gel for Dry Skin 50ml

Concentrated gel that moisturises and protects dry and dehydrated skin. With 3 and water, humectants, shea butter and oils such as Bio-Oil.Travel size.


Bio-Oil Gel for Dry Skin 50ml


Gel for dry skin of localized application such as arms, elbows and face.


With dual action: humectant and occlusive. The humectant action promotes the fixation of water from the dermis in the stratum corneum. The occlusive action induces the creation of a hydrolipidic film forming a cutaneous barrier at the skin surface to prevent water evaporation. Formulated with 3 and water and 97 and cosmetic ingredients (10% humectant ingredients, 37% shea butter and other oils and 50 and Bio-Oil). The low water formula allows for application without requiring a very high amount of product.


Easy application and quick absorption with immediate and long-lasting hydration throughout the day. Skin is left glowing and velvety smooth. Innovative texture.

Counsels for Use

Apply a small amount of gel to dry skin daily, ideally after showering. Use whenever necessary. Suitable for sensitive skin and for external use. Not recommended for use on wounds or irritated skin. Avoid contact with eyes, flush with plenty of water if contact occurs

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